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Gordon DSilva Testimonial
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Gordon D'Silva

Claudia G.

Working with Val was really wonderful. When I started the program I was really aiming at moving more and eating a little better, but that morphed into bigger changes and goals in my life.

I found by the end of the 90 day program I had a great framework for improving many areas of my life I hadn't really considered, which included, allowing myself to dream to set personal goals, as well as, to become more creative. I felt accountable for my goals and the result was really wonderful. I'm so thankful to Val for the help and guidance she provided.

Image by Johannes Plenio

Laura McCann

“Valerie is a natural coach. Very attentive and I really felt listened to. She was encouraging and enthusiastic."

Shanazar Dupuy

"Valerie is a passionate and enthusiastic coach. She listens to you and makes you feel heard."

Cecile Kaptcheu

“Valerie is a wonderful coach. She walked me through an incredible coaching session and creatively got me to face some things I was holding onto.”
Image by Riccardo Chiarini

Donna M.

I was having an issue of not getting done what I wanted get done in my coaching business. 

I could not figure out why that was happening to me until Valerie relayed back to me some things I said in a different way and gave me space where I am now enthusiastic about taking action on those things.

I now feel more empowered to take action and actually looking forward to doing what I need to do. Thanks Val!

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