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About Coach Val

Bonjour! I am Valérie Petit, a French Native who moved to the United States, babysat, and learned English. I cannot wait for you to discover the "Valérisms". So let's start the fun!

I got my education and went on with a successful corporate career and a great life, lots of friends and great hobbies. Life was great, however, fast forward a few years, and I lost interest in, well pretty much everything… my career, my friends, my favorite activities (sailing, hockey, mountain biking, snowshoeing). I withdrew and became more of a hermit. That turned into having a poor attitude, putting on weight, waking up exhausted after a full nights sleep, and this went on for years. I was stuck and when my new boss at work came in it pushed me over the edge and it was the biggest blessing I could have received.

Due to the stressful environment I was in, I finally quit. Quitting allowed me to get some help for myself through coaching. After a few months I noticed changes, like waking up feeling rejuvenated, having hope and a sense of purpose and coaching taught me how to be calm and grounded throughout the stresses in my day. I have now created a life centered around MY priorities and passions. 

My mission is to help you get off the hamster wheel, so you can regain control of your life, find yourself and your identity again.



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